Our Secret Gift Exchange is a voluntary activity that our members enjoyed a lot last year.

Momentum Coaching Mastermind peeps who would like to join in, here are the detailsĀ for this year's Secret Gift Exchange.

Lynn Leusch is our Secret Elf. She will be our contact should anyone need help.

We have a $50 total suggested spending budget.

You'll send between one and three gifts to your person, not exceeding the total budget :) It's entirely up to you to decide if you want to send one larger gift or have fun sending two or three smaller items.

All gifts must be shipped anonymously between December 1st and 17th. Make sure you know shipping date estimates and aim for all gifts to be received well before Christmas day.

We'll have a reveal party on Monday, December 27th at Noon Eastern. If you can make it, you'll get to tell your giftee who you are. If you can't make it, Lynn will be able to peek and let everyone know who they were matched with.

If this sounds fun to you, jump right in. The deadline to join is: Friday, November 26th. You'll have your giftee's name on Monday the 29th – so you can get to gifting!

2021 Secret Gift Exchange