Some would have you believe there are two camps when it comes to the subject of ideas.  Those who have them and those who don't.

The idea is that there are ‘Idea People' who seem to have a genuine gift for generating ideas. Give them a scenario to work with or a problem to solve and they'll start popping out ideas.  Are all of their ideas great? No!  Some are real stinkers.  But they generate so many ideas a few good one's are bound to pop up.  With experience and enough perspective, Idea People learn to evaluate their ideas quickly and give their best attention to what will work.

What if you're not a natural Idea Person?

Well, here's the thing.  I don't believe that there are Idea People and Non-Idea People.

We are born with an ability to generate ideas – take a good look at most kids.  They come up with ideas all the time!  Sometimes faulty ideas, because they don't have all the information yet.  Often brilliantly creative ideas, because they're don't have a lifetime of experience to beat the creativity out of them yet.

Somewhere along the way, whether it happens at home with a negative, critical parent or at school with unimaginative teachers, many are fooled into believing that they're not creative and don't have any good ideas.  The natural imagination of childhood gets squelched.

If that has happened to you, I believe we can fix it.  Learning all over again to be creative and come up with a variety of ideas is possible and oh so necessary to be a smart and successful business owner.

Managing Ideas

If you feel like you are an Idea Person – you escaped childhood with your ability to think creatively intact – how do you evaluate and manage all of the ideas you come up with?

You've probably heard the term Entrepreneurial Attention Deficit Disorder?  It testifies to the truth that some have so many ideas that they end up getting lost in them.  The danger for these Idea People is developing a chronic ‘Starter Syndrome‘ and nothing ever gets finished.

The good news is that this can be overcome.  With determination and accountability an Idea Person can take their ideas and become a Serial Entrepreneur.  Someone who starts and finishes projects one after another, building a wildly successful income in the process!

Do Something With Your Ideas!

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  1. Yes! I am one of those ideas people! I have over 60 domains waiting for me to start them up! All geared towards moms and families, and direct sales. Would love to know what ones to go for and what ones to let go, it’s hard to decide.

    Now, my website is doing very well right now, so I have no complaints there, but now I need to branch out and further my target market.

    Thanks for listening!

    1. Hi Kristina! When you have one website that really rocks it, it’s hard to know how much time to carve out for other efforts. I understand that quandary well!

      What is the next natural extension of what you already have? I like to focus on something I know I can promote to my current audience and grow out from there project by project.

  2. I’m definitely an idea person. I come up with them constantly. I finally stopped myself from buying too many domain names and I am actually letting many go even though I believe they could be great businesses. I’m trying to focus on one thing at a time, making that one thing successful before moving on to the next. Not easy with all these ideas in my head. I get them on line at the grocery store, watching TV, while showering, even in my dreams….

  3. I totally have EADD and suffer from a bad case of Starter Syndrome. Either that or I’m the race car enterpreneur who wants to go from idea to finished product in 3.5 seconds so nothing gets done as WELL as it should be. Making a conscious effort to slow down AND finish!

  4. Hi Kelly! I had ‘Starter Syndrome‘, I’m still in therapy! LOL! But with a good mentor, coach and a lot of determination I’m moving forward.

  5. I’m not an idea person at all and I don’t feel like I have a creative bone in my body. I like things spelled out for me, so does that mean I’m not a good candidate to be my own boss?

    1. Hi Barbara, I’d love the chance to prove that you’re more creative than you think right now ;)

      It does come to mind that some are more analytical than others and ‘creativity’ is a subjective word for sure.

      You like things spelled out for you – does that mean you want to follow a plan to the letter? Or does that mean you are comfortable choosing from available options?

      Either way you can probably become a successful solopreneur with the right support.

  6. I can come up with tons of ideas, but just not sure how to implement them! ha I finally got my website up and running and have 3 diff ebook ideas, and an idea for a course/coaching program but I am so new to internet marketing I get soooo confused with even the basics! :)

    1. Kristin, you’re my perfect coaching client, you know that?

      You have vision, you know who you want to help, you have ideas about what you want to offer – you just need help setting it up right.

      I hope you’re taking a good look at my coaching programs :)

      1. Definately Kelly…..I’ve looked at both the one on one coaching sessions and the 42 day launch VIP session….which would you recommend? I’ll be in touch very soon…saving up the moolah as we speak ha :)

        1. The 42 Day VIP session would be great if you need to set up your products for sale and do something to get the word out about them :) We get a LOT done in one VIP day.

          I look forward to hearing from you!

  7. I without a doubt have EADD with very bad starter syndrome! I read a book on being a renaissance soul which helped me to better understand myself! But boy do I want to be able to just focus. I have a patenting blog which turned into everything home unintentionally due to pregnancy and ‘nesting’ so I post challenges I face with decorating, cleaning, organizing, decluttering and I love being able to offload, but have recently began to feel like perhaps I need some more focus! I’m going to enjoy going through this site! Great information really!

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