This is a four part mini-video series :)

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I'm all about Content Marketing here at Love People + Make Money. I love to coach and collaborate with other content creators, so never hold back from sharing your ideas with me! - Kelly McCausey

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  1. Hi Kelly.

    I couldn’t agree more with what you are saying.

    Just like most solopreneurs, online marketers and bloggers, I’ve been a victim of Shiny Object Syndrome in the past, and I dread to think how much money I wasted during that phase of my online journey – eck!

    Now, looking back, those Bright Shiny Objects contributed greatly towards the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years.

    But more importantly, I realise that I was at fault because I didn’t learn to evaluate the importance of information!

    Shiny Objects are a good thing. IF the information within them align with our current goals. :)

    Love the new blog design btw!

    Have an awesome day – Kerry

  2. Hi Kelly
    You are saying here the thoughts that have been running through my head for a while. Well done, I’m sure your course will enlighten many people who struggle to get started because of battling constantly with buying the next shiny object.

  3. This is one of the best information series I have listened to online. I plan to share this presentation with all my clients because this is a message that every person starting an online business needs. Thank you Kelly!

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