Tools & Gear I Use

Wondering what you’ll find under the hood of my business? I’ll share!


My Shopping Cart

I’ve used Amember since 2004. They just keep making it better so I stay a happy customer. By the way, it includes a rich affiliate module!

Email Marketing

Active Campaign

Website Creation

Thrive Architect  – A sexy page builder I use to design home pages to look just like I want.

Leadpages – For all of my sales pages ❤

Social Media Automation

Meet Edgar



This slashed my paper use down to rare stray sticky notes.

I use the Executive Size Rocketbook and I have this perfectly sized portfolio I use when I travel.

You’ll want these Frixion markers and ballpoint pens on hand. I’m blown away at how long the pen lasts, I expected it to run out fast but I’ve had the same pen for months.

My Keyboard

Logitech Wireless Cross-Gadget Friendly!

This keyboard has three special function keys that switch the bluetooth connection between different devices. Function #1 is for my computer, Function #2 is for my iPhone. This means I can text like a flash with the click of one key.

My Webcam

Seems everyone is using this one ❤

Logitech c920


My Desk Lights

Light for Doodling/Painting

This one aims down at my desk, giving me perfect light for anything I’m doing with my creative tools.

Happy Light

Seasonally, I use this for morning light to keep my mood up.

Standing Desk

This is a new addition. I have this standing desk unit on a table in my room with my laptop that I’m using for social media time. I like shaking up all the time I spend sitting on my behind!