Can I mix different PLR content together?

December 10


Can I mix different PLR content together?

This is a great question. The answer is yes! In fact, it’s an excellent idea and a great way to create content that is unique to your brand. Generally when someone purchases PLR, they’ll do a few quick tweaks to it and maybe make a new ecover if it’s a PLR ebook and then publish it.

There’s nothing wrong with doing it that way. But give your business and brand a leg up by going a few extra steps and combining different PLR content. For example, take an article from one PLR seller and turn it into a blog post. Then grab a workbook from another PLR provider and use it as a content upgrade. This is a great idea because it also gives you another way to get people on your mailing list.

You can mix and match products in any way you choose, provided you’re following the terms of use from each seller.

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