Need Answers, Advice, Perspective
& Fierce Sisterly Support? I'm Your Gal

Hunting for a business coach?  It just so happens I'm looking for a client.

Through my podcast, blog, membership and courses, I've guided thousands in growing businesses through content marketing and community building.

Thanks to smart choices and targeted hustle, I've build a business that gives me freedom of choice. Coaching isn't my primary business model – it's my joy – so you won't find a slick sales page here – just me taking a stand and issuing an invitation.  If this appeals, I would love working one on one with you as you create the business of your dreams.

Would we click? Let's see…

You want to create great content, work with cool people, sell information products, run membership sites, make a nice income from affiliate marketing, run group coaching programs and possibly even work with one on one clients.

You don't want to spend all your time working on other people's projects and you don't want to paint yourself into a corner by creating projects that put a high demand on your time long into the future. You're willing to work hard now if it's building freedom and flexibility for tomorrow.

Perhaps most importantly, you value being of service and prioritize relationships.

Nodding your head right now?  We're very likely a match.

What does Contact Coaching Include?

My CC Clients have access to a weekly group coaching mastermind and a private Facebook community.  This provides you with valuable accountability and brainstorming.

Twice each month we'll get on the phone for a private one on one session to set new goals, create plans and unravel mindset issues that hold you back.

Every business day you can email, Skype chat or Voxer* me for quick contact on ANYTHING that you've got on your mind – and I'll reply the same day or the next morning if the question comes in late.

That's 250+ days a year you can seek out my support and ask me anything :)

  • How does this headline read to you?
  • Do you think _____ would be a good partner?
  • Have you tried ______ out yet? What do you think of it?
  • Would you read this email through before I send it?
  • I've got a client asking for ___, how can I gently say no?
  • I need an idea for a back end offer, what would you suggest?
  • I'm torn between Sushi and Burgers for dinner, what would you do?  (It's ALWAYS SUSHI Dahling!)

Get Started Now

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. You're really only $497/month? Aren't good Business Coaches supposed to cost a lot more?

A. After considering all the angles, I've decided not to buy into the ‘it's gotta cost a lot or they won't get a lot' story line that floats around the coaching industry. I'm secure in my expertise and clear about who I want to be of service to.

Q. Does one business daily question mean one reply or is there a bit of back and forth?

A. Sometime I need some back and forth to gain clarity – so for that purpose, yes, as needed we'll exchange a few messages to cover one topic.

Q. Am I getting a reply from you?

A.  Yes.  Always.  Your questions are not being screened by my VA or anyone else.  It's private between you and I.

* Voxer is a SmartPhone app that acts like a walkie talkie – one of my fave ways to stay in touch!