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I help people create more of what they want in the world through the beauty of Content Marketing.

  • Do you want to reach people with your expertise?
  • Are you dreaming of having a far reaching impact on others?
  • Have you been blessed with gifts that can meet real needs out there?

Don’t hold back my friend. Go for it with all you’ve got!

You’re going to be a great client for me if Content Marketing is getting the best of your time and talents and you want to make the most of every word you publish.

You want to publish content you’re proud of for people you love – helping you be the most intentional and profitable Creator possible is my mission!

It’s optimal if you have some community built up around you to work with already, but I’m open to working with newbies if you’re ready to really dig in to building something amazing from the ground up.

Group Coaching Open:

Do you thrive in small groups? Momentum Coaching Mastermind keeps you moving forward with weekly group sessions through the year. Content attracts and serves a community. If you agree and want to build a profitable offer funnel, MCM is your happy place.

Try Me With A Single Coaching Call:

I offer a Private Coaching Session with 10 Days of Voxer/Email Follow Up for only $97. This is a great way to experience one on one time with me without making a commitment 😋. Say yes to this opportunity right here.

Achievements Coaching:

Private coaching with me is all about forward motion with built in motivation!

Together we identify your business needs and set actionable goals with appropriate timelines.

As you meet these goals, we celebrate! For every planned achievement, there’s an agreed upon reward coming from me 🤩

I believe in the power of competition, prizes and recognition to boost us up onto a higher level of action.

Achievements Coaching Includes:

  • One Monthly Planning Session (Goals & Rewards Chosen!)
  • Business Daily Voxer/Email Questions & Feedback
  • Brief Follow Up Coaching Sessions As Needed
  • Access to Momentum Coaching Mastermind
  • Access to all Self Study Training
  • Access to all Live Challenges
  • Achievement Prizes 🏆

Want to talk about what Achievements Coaching would look like for you specifically? Fill out the form below to get in touch and I’ll set up a consult.


What Is It Like To Coach With Kelly?

Great question. I feel like it’s different for everyone because I’m focused on your unique business goals rather than bringing you a cookie-cutter program to follow. We meet, set goals and create action plans. We continue to meet for review, feedback and encouragement every step of the way.

Do I Have To Commit To A Full Year?

Not at all. I do prefer a commitment of two months to get us started but I don’t work with contracts or minimums. We’ll work together as long as we both want to.

How Do We Work Together?

We meet in Zoom for our live calls – I love to share screens and get thing done together when that makes the most sense. I use the free Voxer App to take business daily questions and requests for feedback. I’m also happy to field questions via email.

What Sort Of Things Can We Talk About?

All things Content Marketing naturally. I also love Building a Coaching Business, Community Building, Affiliate Marketing, and Mindset topics!

Is My Business A Good Fit For Your Coaching?

If you’re ready to focus big on Content Marketing, I’m sure it is. Use the form below to tell me about you and I’ll let you know for sure!

Coaching Testimonials

Working with Kelly McCausey as my biz/life coach is like uncovering a hidden gem. With her perfect mix of wit, empathy, and intelligence, she’s been my guiding light in both business and mindset matters. I trust her more than anyone else in my life, and she never fails to deliver the support I need.

I rarely face self-doubt, but when I do, Kelly’s shoulder is the one I want to lean on. I know she won’t judge me or try to “fix” me. Instead, she’s there to help me work through it and emerge stronger than ever.

In a world filled with coaches, Kelly truly stands out. A heartfelt thank you, Kelly, for being a dependable friend and mentor on my journey. You help me become a better me. – Rayven Monique,

“Thank you for being my coach over the past 9 months. It seems quite appropriate that we’ve been doing mindset coaching together for that long because it feels as if you helped me to birth something that’s been inside of me for awhile. I’ve always known that I have talents and gifts, however it seemed as if they were trapped. I now can understand why top athletes and performers have mindset coaches. You can have all the talent and gifts in the world, but if your mindset is off, they’ll never reach their full potential. I am so grateful that you followed your passion and made an offer that I could not refuse.:-)” – Benecia Ponder,

“I came to Kelly because I was confused about the direction for my business, A Cup of Zen. I was stressed out wondering who I even served because I didn’t know. My products had no plan or target audience. I attended one of Kelly’s events in Atlanta and remembered her saying, ‘I do coaching differently.’ And she does. She is the most non-judgmental coach I’ve ever had and she fully supported me in helping me find a direction for my business, the right audience, and in several product creations until I could come up with the right products on my own. It’s like she just knew the right direction for me and lovingly guided me there.

Since working with Kelly, I’ve worked through several blocks I had to launch products, training, and running a business. She is healing as well as business savvy. She’s helped me take the business from unsteady sales to steady sales every month. And, what’s exciting is that I make more in this business than I do in freelancing. She always has great ideas, listens, and coached me to where I wanted to go in the business.  I am so glad I chose to work with Kelly. She is an amazing coach. I wish I had chosen to work with her in one-on-one sessions sooner!”  – Gabby Conde,

Kelly was invaluable in my search to get my act together and start to once again make some money in my business after going through a personal crisis. She helped me transition out of my stuck-in-the-mud comfort zone and back into a consistent flow of being responsible for my business success. She has a gift for connecting and helping her clients find their true aspirations in business. – Tawnya Sutherland,

When I started coaching with Kelly McCausey, I didn’t realize at first that she’s a unicorn. As a business coach, she’s brilliant. She seemed to always have a unique idea to share or a new twist on a tried and true strategy. There are many elements of my business that simply would not exist today were it not for her guidance.

But where I discovered the real magic was when I found myself stuck in excuse-making mode. It turns out that the biggest hurdle between me and success was my own mind, and Kelly is a master at exposing the limiting beliefs and clearing the way for massive action.

That’s a rare combination of skills for a coach to have, and it’s something that continues to serve me long after I stopped coaching with her. I highly recommend working with Kelly if you can. – Cindy Bidar,

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