I reached out to my community and said ‘Ask Me Anything’ about Content Creation :)

Michelle Waters of RethinkYourLifestyle.com asks: “They’re signing up for the freebies and for the product I’ve added to someone else’s bundle, but I can’t get people to click the links in my emails or buy my internet marketing and business creation stuff. When I ask for input, I get crickets or compliments. Do I need to be patient and keep working my plan or stop and try something else? Help!”

My Answer:

Quick Recap:

Think about the journey your people are on and ask where they are right now?  Perhaps you’re offering them answers to steps they’re not ready to take yet?  What if you back up and seek to meet them where they are.  Could be you’ll get very different responses!

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  1. Awesome! Thank you so much. Your recommendations have me pondering what I can do to find out where my market is in the buying process and what I can do to help them. I suspect this is going to require me to leap out of my comfort zone, so I am super excited for the much needed coaching!

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