Cross Blog Conversation About Entrepreneurship & Mindset: Part Three

February 8

In this post we’re continuing the Cross Blog Conversation I’m having with Cindy Bidar.

Now, for Part Three, my response to Cindy…

Cindy asks me what recommendations I have for an entrepreneur just now getting curious about mindset – but has a healthy dose of skeptisism.

My open letter to Mindset Skeptics:

I am you. I doubt anyone has had more resistance to the topic of mindset than little old me of the past.

I had a few things going on that kept me from being open to changing my mindset. First and foremost, I desperately wanted and needed to be RIGHT. To suggest I might need to change how I think was to suggest I might be WRONG about something.

Oh crap… hell no, I can’t be WRONG. By the time I hit my twenties, I had so made up my mind that I was right about everything – I was dang hard to have a discussion with.

I had this idea in my head that to change my mind was a weakness. Better to be 110% committed than maybe be a little flexible.

Sounds bad – and it was.

How do you feel when someone hints that you need to change?

I HATED it. Even if the suggestion came from someone I respected, it felt deeply painful. If it came from someone I didn’t respect – well, they were just full of shit and to be ignored.

Another big reason I resisted the mindset issue was that I had a lot of judgment against those who touted it’s value.

“Mindset Coaches” in my view were ridiculous ‘feel good’ peddlers who weren’t helping anyone at all.

As a young entrepreneur, anytime someone brought up mindset, I’d run the other way – determined not to fall for their nonsense on principal alone. To me, being successful was entirely about smart strategy and solid action.

Thankfully, life and passing time has a way of inviting me to learn and realize new things.  After many years of smart strategy and solid action, my business had only barely exceeded the six figure mark – and refused to budge any higher.

I became willing at last to consider other possibilities.

Here’s my suggestion to fellow Mindset Skeptics… 

Consider how simple and inexpensive it is to explore the topic of Mindset. Sure, there are pricey coaches and programs out there – but there are amazing books on mindset that you can try on for size for less than twenty bucks.

My favorite recommendation is The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. I dare you to read it TWICE. (I’ve read it SIX!) Now listen, this may stretch your thinking far outside of your comfort zone – but it’s worth it.

I also recommend Rewire by Richard O’Connor PhD. This one provides incredible scientific support for the changeability of the human mind. It will appeal to your skeptical perspective and provide support for thinking newly.

Read these books and come share your thoughts with me – leave a comment below or shoot me an email.

And yes, I do offer Mindset Coaching – in fact, it’s my favorite thing right now. If you ever feel like coaching is calling to you, make me your first stop!

Ok, Cindy – my next question for you…

Thanks for asking a great question by the way. I love having this exchange of ideas with you.

If someone asks you for a tangible positive result – something good that’s shown up in your life or business as a result of leaning into mindset, what would you want to share with them?

Stay tuned, I’ll link to Cindy’s reply!


Cindy Bidar

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