Moments that inspire… I need them all!

This is why I enjoy programs like America's Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, etc. They are full of dreamers chasing their goals with passion and bravery.

Think about it. It's one thing to quietly pursue an interest at home.

When someone steps up to be seen by even a few other people, it's a big deal – a scary opportunity to be critiqued.

How terrifying and thrilling it has to be to step up on the AGT stage, right?

It might seem like I have little in common with these singers, comedians and thrilling daredevils – but I feel I DO relate to them. We are all creating something for others to experience.

We all want our gifts to be enjoyed!

I sit in my safe living room and watch all these performers with huge respect. Whether they suck, struggle or flat out choke – I honor their willingness to show up – living for the moment when one of them blows us all away.

Like Lily Meola recently did.

“We all got these big ideas, one day they're replaced with fears.”

  • Lily is sweet as pie.
  • Her story is preciously heart touching.
  • Her song is beautiful.
  • Her performance had an amazing impact.

Yeah, I'm so grateful to have the chance to experience Lily and all of the other performers.

In some ways it feels like dream chasing is contagious. Seeing someone take big brave steps wakes up something in us.

Something definitely stirred in me while enjoying Lily's song and I'm dedicating some beautiful daydreaming time to her today.


  • Do you give yourself space to daydream?
  • Do you give yourself permission to show up?
  • What if you do both… what might happen?
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  1. I love those questions! What if I gave myself space to dream and permission to show up?! I'm giddy with the possibilities! I've been in a rut for quite some time; it's been difficult to even imagine or daydream about anything. These questions have me imagining again. Today, I am giving myself the space to dream and permission to show up!

    1. You've been through a lot and experienced great loss. It's wonderful to know that you feel the bubble of imagination taking shape! I look forward to hearing more!

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