How committed are you to finding and occupying your Sweet Spot in business? Do you even know what that is? #solopreneur #solopreneurs #business #startingonlinebusiness #mindset #businessmindset #businesssuccess

I'm curious.  Do you feel like you've found your Sweet Spot in business?

In working with my coaching clients and chatting with contemporaries, I've found it's not a single Sweet Spot that brings on deep satisfaction, rather it's found in a convergence of three important areas.

Three Questions:

  1. Sweet People: Are you serving a community you love?
  2. Sweet Mentors: Are you learning with people who fire you up?
  3. Sweet Work: Are you doing work that feels awesome?

If you're not, how committed are you to finding and occupying your Sweet Spot?

I Ask Because:

I see an alarming number of people doing work they don't enjoy, serving people they don't care for, hanging mostly with contemporaries that feel the same way… with almost no sense of urgency – no real hope that it could ever change.

I could be describing a job, or a bad career choice – and for some, maybe I am.

That's not my focus in this post though, I'm describing people who work ‘for themselves' like I do.  As strange as it sounds, there are entrepreneurs who have built a business that feels a lot like a job.  In my humble opinion, that's a sad thing.

We Can Create Better For Ourselves

We're in charge of how we spend time and who we spend it with – if anyone can take stock and make changes that count, it's us.

Can we really nail all three areas?  In the long run, I believe so. I know a LOT of amazing solopreneurs rocking it in all around.  If you're not there – you can be.  It takes time, knowing yourself well, creativity and intentional choices along the way.

What If You Considered All Things Possible?

Brainstorming is best approached with the mindset that anything is possible.  Can you give it a try?

Read the following questions and jot down answers that make your heart sing.  Sky's the limit!

Sweet Work: Given all the options in the world, what would you LOVE doing for a living?

  • What would your days look like?
  • How many hours a week would you work?
  • Would you travel a lot? Or stay home?
  • What tools would you need?
  • Would you provide a service?  Sell products?  Offer consulting?

Sweet People:  Who in all the world would you LOVE serving?

  • What do you clients and customers look like, sound like, act like?
  • Where do they live?
  • What's important to them?
  • What excites you about meeting their needs?
  • What threatens their happiness and what would you like to do about it?

Sweet Mentors: Who is the world of your Sweet Work is a perfect guide?

  • Who inspires you to action?
  • Who's living the lifestyle you crave?
  • Who lights you up with possibilities and makes you want to grow?
  • Who has a way of helping you understand new things?
  • Who would you love to partner with one day?

When You're Done

Sit with it for awhile.  Set it aside. Come back to it.  Dream a little.  Let it soak in.

Now, you may be looking at your notes and thinking “Well, this is all ‘Pie in the Sky' stuff – what am I supposed to do with it?”  

Focus on the Sweet Work first.

Take a fresh look at everything you do in your business today and compare it to this beautiful dream of a future.   Look for areas that cross over.  Surely you're doing SOME work you love today?  Make a big list of what IS working for you.

Now, spot the problems areas… what are you doing that's a far cry from your dream?  Make a list of those activities too.  How many things are you doing that could just be crossed off your list – or outsourced?

Starting The Very Next Day

Moved towards more of what makes you happy!

Make one choice that makes you smile & prioritize work that satisfies.

I'm not suggesting you procrastinate other work, rather you're making an intentional decision to pursue Sweet Work first.

As you focus in on your Sweet Work, I believe Sweet People and Sweet Mentors will follow naturally.  That's definitely been my experience.

About the Author

I'm all about Content Marketing & Community Building here at Love People + Make Money. I love to collaborate, so never hold back from sharing your ideas with me! - Kelly McCausey

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  1. Oh this is a fantastic post! What I’ve learned and continue to have validated, is that if we are not working in our sweet spots, business just isn’t going to work and life isn’t going to be happy. In this, my year of collaboration (that officially began in March, so I’m mid-stream!), I would add one more lollipop to your sweet spots and that’s “Partners.” If there is anything that has become apparent to me in this year of working with several people to create some amazing results, it’s that as solopreneurs, we NEED to be in relationship with others in a partnership mentality. That could be in working with a VA who acts as a partner, or it could be in a true joint venture, or even with affiliates. But in order to succeed by leveraging our skills, time and other resources, we need to involve others who treat us as an equal. So I’d add that :-)

    Thank you for the post and fun graphic reference! I think I need a lollipop right now…

    1. Oooh that’s a great addition! We sure do need Sweet Partners :)

      We much hear more about your Year of Collaboration on the podcast one of these days Felicia!

  2. I agree with Felicia, partners are what made my business take off this year. It really made a difference when colleagues began to notice my wisdom and value to their tribes and I was blessed to impact people that I might have never connected with otherwise. Really great post!

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