Don’t Hide Yourself

August 13

This will be quick, it’s just a thought that’s been tumbling around in my head over this past weekend at NAMS10 in Atlanta.

Don’t feel the need to hide yourself.

I’m a big gal.  I have been since my early twenties.  I used to avoid cameras – ducking, running, putting up my hands – even cursing at the person trying to take the shot.

I didn’t like seeing myself in photos because of my weight.

When I went to my first live event I promised myself I would not do that.

I am who I am and I look like what I look like.

Last year I loved the pictures people were taking of me because my weight was down.  This year I’m not so wild about them because my weight is up.

But you know what?

I’m not hiding from the camera & I’m not hiding from people.

Yes, I’d like to be slimmer. Yes, I’m annoyed that weight seems to be an even tougher challenge since coming through my health quirks of recent years.  But no – I’m not going to go hide because of it.

At NAMS10 I was approached on more than one occasion by other ‘women of size’ as one called it with a message of appreciation.  One gal I met for the first time told me it was a source of inspiration and a confidence boost for her to see me up on the stage.


I totally understand why she said it. You don’t see many big women on stages… it’s tough for people to see through a weight issue to value the person’s expertise and personality.

Here’s the fact:  I WANT to lost this weight.  I AM working on it!  I want the world to see an incredible shrinking Kelly again… but in the meantime – I’m not hiding.

And whoever you are and whatever you don’t like about yourself, you mustn’t hide either.  You’re robbing the world of the chance to love you and accept you for who you are deep down.

Don’t hide from cameras and don’t hide from people.

Get out there and be you.  When someone aims a camera or smart phone at you – SMILE :)


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