Ever wish you had a partner behind the scenes, helping with the hard stuff, providing accountability and sharing in the passion for seeing things prosper and profit?

It's Awesome!  Especially when you're tackling some things for the first time.  If you can partner with someone with more experience and perspective, you're skipping over the most common road blocks and seeing results sooner than you could ever achieve on your own.

Am I suggesting that a Business Coach could fill that role?  

Yep!  That's exactly what I'm saying :)

When you opt in for my Implementation Coaching Program, for three solid months you get ME as a behind the scenes partner.

I'm IN IT with you :)

This is a brief overview, how working with me for three months can look…

Kicking Off The Coaching Relationship

Everything starts with you completing a detailed questionnaire and then we book a Getting To Know You Call for getting to know each other better.  We'll decide what needs our focus and follow this up with a Planning Session where we'll create a timeline and begin to break projects into tasks.

Coaching Support

  • You're invited to book a 45 Minute Call as often as once a week.
  • For quick questions, reach out by Email, Voxer and Skype Chat on any business day.
  • Membership in my Love People + Make Money Mastermind which gives you access to me and other members in our Private Facebook Group.

VIP Implementation Days

Choose between One In Person VIP Day or 8 Hours of Virtual VIP Implementation Time.

This is our chance to roll up sleeves and crush your projects together.  Sales pages, landing pages, setting up your product or membership system (invite your VA to join us so that she learns the ropes at the same time.).

If you're interested in the in person option, visit me in Michigan or we can meet a day early for an event we're both attending. (You're responsible for your own travel, accommodations, and meals – as am I.)

Book A Chat With Kelly To Find Out If Implementation Coaching Is Right For You