How do I know the PLR content I want to buy is fresh?

Most PLR providers create evergreen content, meaning it can be used whenever. But there are times that things can get outdated or become unusable, especially if it’s tech related PLR content. In any case, if you want to know whether the content you are thinking about purchasing is fresh and up to date here are some tips.

Sign up and join mailing lists for the various PLR sellers that you like. Many of these providers email their list as soon as they have a new product releasing. This means that you can grab the content and use it right away.

Another advantage of this is that PLR providers often give temporary discounts during the first few days of a new release. Acting quick not only gets your fresh content, it also allows you to save a little bit of money, too.

You can also ask a PLR seller how recently they released a package or you can check on their website for a date. But don’t worry if a product has been released for a while—as long as you customize the content for your audience, it won’t matter that it’s not brand new PLR.

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