Get Booked To Shine

A One Sheet is a great tool for putting your best foot forward with podcast hosts and event runners. In this training I provide Canva templates and training on filling your new One Sheet with the best possible information about you.  Learn More Here

Get Into Your Zone Of Genius

Your time is your most valuable asset, so do you know where you spend it? This free challenge comes in two parts. First we read The Big Leap together to understand what it means to be in your Zones of Genius. Then we tackle a five day time tracking challenge.  Learn More Here

What Do You Need Next To Grow Your Business or Mindset?

My Values Workshop guides you through a process to self identify your primary values in life. These matter to your business because you're always going to be more lit up and motivated by work that supports your values instead of always stepping on them.  Learn More Here

Are you proud of your content?

I never get caught up in worry that I might spell something wrong or get my grammar wrong - and I don't want you to either.

But hey - whatever you do - don't be BORING!  Create content you're proud to share every time by always operating with a strong Banner Message. Get your training here!

Is your content making you money?

How often do you think of recommendations you can make when you're creating content?  Well, what are you waiting for? Share the things you want to share - and definitely look for affiliate program possibilities when you do.

My Affiliate Beginner's Challenge teaches you how to introduce affiliate recommends naturally and consistently! Get started here.

Any Question Can Lead To Profit

Every site can have a great Frequently Asked Questions section full of profitable answers AND don't miss adding a great FAQ to your product and service sales pages too!

Learn more with this day by day challenge - self study available NOW.

Coach & Be Coached

I fell in love with the experience of learning and coaching in triads. Three people get together to process and support one another - often discovering something previously unseen.

In this challenge , I encourage you to participate in multiple triads to see what magic you can create. Sign up free here!

Are you struggling to get clients?

The key to building a great clientele is so often found in just getting busy! The sooner you can spend time serving people, the sooner you build your skills and a wonderful set of testimonials. 

My 10 Testimonials program teaches you how to offer yourself up inexpensively without committing yourself to a lifetime of low paying clients! Sign up here and get started.

Are you promoting your content & reaching new people?

I run this LIVE Challenge every September and trust me, you want to be part of the next group!

A Self Study is available anytime so don't wait - get your access now!

Are you holding yourself back?

My friends, I love to teach you strategic how to stuff and I always will - but how we think about everything we do is always going to be responsible for the lion's share of our success.

This is why I have taken wonderful side steps into the world of Mindset for my own sake and why I have created resources to help you do the same.  Momentum Intensive is a free resource. Please DO sign up and take it all in.

Overcome Blocks!

Intimidation Crusher is an opportunity to keep right on going. You'll take a good look at the stuff that holds you back and be that much closer to never letting it stop you again. Register here!

Shiny Object Issues?

You are not alone in this! 

My Bright Shiny Object Syndrome Replay will give you a new perspective on all those shiny objects that pop up in your space. It's free and easy to sign up for here.

Have you leveraged PLR content yet?

New to the world of brandable content? Otherwise known as PLR, it's your easy button to get your content marketing rolling - when you can find content that matches your niche!

Learn all about it here.

Got so many ideas you don't know what to do next?

Idea in Order is a deeper dive into how I manage being an active part of several different business brands. I am full of ideas but never let them run away with me. Get signed up for Ideas In Order here.

Holding Back From Using PLR?

Private Label Rights content is a fast forward resource for content marketers, but there are several mindset issues that cause some to hit pause on their process.

I respond to these issues, setting you free from the nonsense once and for all! Get your access here.

Can we take this relationship offline?