Listicles Get More Traffic And Backlinks (With Examples)

May 16

It may not have been the first time I read the word Listicles, but it was Shane Barker’s link building strategy post that made the word stand out for me, especially when he points out that Listicles get more traffic and backlinks than other types of content.

Listicle is a funny word.  It refers to an article that has been designed around a list of some kind.

People like lists. Google seems to confirm this by featuring Listicle content up at the top of search results quite often.

Since this is so, what if we all made creating Listicles an active part of our content creation?

I so wanted to highlight this idea, I went to my smart friends and Momentum Coaching Mastermind members and invited them to create a Listicle for their own communities – so I could link to them as examples ;)

And VOILA: A List of Listicles.

Top Tips, Books & Resources for Mental Health Awareness Month from Karen Robinson.

A tightly written post that can be shared easily anytime mental health concerns come up.

6 Reasons Children Don’t Do Chores from Dr. Renee Cohn Jones.

This is part tongue in cheek and made me giggle, especially the last one. Sometimes you have to poke a little fun to get people to see what they’re doing, right?

50 Memory Triggers To Unlock Your Best Stories from Dr. Melissa Brown.

This one is really creative. Never thought about using smells to spark ideas for stories to tell!

Top 10 Habits That Promote Self-Awareness from Rozlyn Warren.

Nicely written supporting thoughts for each of the habits recommended.

20 Ways to Incorporate Daily Affirmations Into Your Life from Michelle Garrett.

Michelle doesn’t just give you creative ideas for leaning into affirmations – she includes 20 Daily Positive Morning Affirmations too! It’s a DOUBLE List Listicle LOL!

10 Great Christian Podcasts for Moms from Erica Gandy Grant.

I like how Erica let this one be easy by clipping what each podcaster says about themselves! including podcast album art makes the list beautiful too.

Five Meal Delivery Reviews from Cheryl A. Major.

Cheryl goes deep on each of the companies she includes. It’s truly helpful for anyone looking to make a choice.

7 Books That Will Help You Create A Positive Mindset, Increase Your Visibility And Reach Your Goals from Pam Hamilton.

I like that Pam has given us her own thoughts on each of the books – and her including book covers make the list for visual. (And hey – she’s my co-author and included our book in her list!)

Writers And Authors Who Inspire Me from Connie Ragen Green.

I love a list that honors others who’ve had a big impact!

What Can I Mail My List Today? (49 Emails You Can Send) from Cindy Bidar.

Cindy has given us so much to work with here – dang! No more excuses for being too quiet with your list.

10 Types of Email Subjects To Get Attention & Opens from Jennifer Burke

I like how she’s researched and included examples – of course!

Have You Written A Listicle?

I’d love to see it. Leave me a comment with the link below!

If you haven’t yet, let this plant a seed. Listicles are fun content to create! Click around and check out these different Listicles examples. You’ll find a variety of formats, from lengthy information about each list item to easy to scan bullet lists.  You’ll see there’s no one prescribed format to follow – so just create what feels good to you :)


Cindy Bidar, Jennifer Burke, Melissa Brown, Michelle Garrett, Pam Hamilton

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