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My situation right this moment is fear of competition or copycats. Recently I had a lady join my community as a supposedly a fan but then it seemed she hung around to get tips on running her own community replicating something quite similar to me. She has even used similar wording on her site, a similar logo and business name . It’s very discouraging when this sort of thing happens.

Yes! Yes it sure can be discouraging. Big hugs to you friend!

I’ve been there. Every successful entrepreneur has in one way or another.

Those of us who embrace creativity, take chances and put new things out into the world have the delightful privilege of being unique – maybe we even get to feel like trail blazers in new territories!

Of course other people are going to follow us down those trails. It’s affirming and even fulfilling for me to see someone else be inspired by what I do.

I love to see people learn from me, implement and ultimately develop their own perspectives through experience – and then go out into the world teaching from their own point of view.  In some way, they are ‘doing what I do’ but they’ve earned the privilege. They’ve got their own flavor and expression.

Every now and then though, someone pops up and proves all they’re really good at is copy and paste.

I can only imagine your frustration. I encourage you to keep your attention on your own passions. Don’t lose valuable energy to wondering and worrying what the copycat is up to – and don’t worry about new copycats showing up.  Focus on being YOU for your people ❤️

Readers, please your thoughts below if you have any experience with something similar.

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  1. Perfect answer Kelly!
    The "copy cat" person is finding their own voice and they won't be able to maintain your personality…so cheer them on! Many people start out following a certain person's formula or conversation style on their journey to their own. I've seen a lot of this in the 22 years that I've been doing online marketing!
    They say "Imitation is the highest form of flattery!"

    1. Hi Kathy! It might be too kind to say they're finding their own voice when they copy. They're an echo at best, you know?

      If they're truly learning, being inspired and emulating – it won't look or feel like a copy. In that case – heck yeah – it's flattering as all get out.

  2. In dance, my first field, there are copyright laws and licensing, and for original music you can sometimes make an agreement with the composer to use their music.

    When teaching in class I always reference my teachers: I learned this exercise from…
    And because dance history is so ephemeral, Roni Mahler, prima ballerina with American Ballet Theatre taught me…

    It’s an oral and physical tradition and passed down physically from one dancer to the next. Much learning is this way and if we give credit to the person who taught us and add what we know to be true from our experience, we increase the knowledge in the field while retaining the history of the development of the technique.

    I do the same with things I’ve learned from people online. I’m often inspired by people who are doing good things. I don’t copy but I credit the source of my inspiration. It’s also simulate to quoting and paraphrasing.

  3. "I think it's affirming, and even fulfilling, when someone else learns from me and emulates me in some way." I love how you have taken what might be seen as a negative experience and flipped it around with your attitude. Having a mentality of abundance, you believe that you will keep having good ideas, that there is plenty of room to share and let others riff on yours. It's so much nicer to live this way than to be wary about others' intentions. Thank you for your inspiration.

    1. That mentality of abundance is everything, right? I only benefit from fostering the development of my niche – including the birth and growth of direct competitors!

      Thanks for jumping in Amy :)

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