Don’t Aim For Lots Of Ideas: Do Lots With One Idea

November 4

One idea taken far is better than many ideas barely explored. #managingbusinessideas #businessideas #solopreneur #solopreneurs #business

You might feel like you have to write about every little thing that concerns your target market in order to become a thought leader and make a large enough impact.  Truth is, you don’t.

You could though.  You could write one nice blog post to lightly cover every one of a hundred different ideas that would appeal to your community.  You’d be busy.  You’d be productive.  You’d feel like you’re ‘crushing it’.

But you wouldn’t be making much of an impact.  It’s not possible when you’re operating in such shallow waters.

So let’s not do it that way.

Instead of trying to conquer every thought that floats in, focus in snugly on one really great one.

[tbpquotable]One idea taken far is better than many ideas barely explored.[/tbpquotable]

For example: I zoned in on Bright Shiny Object Syndrome with a blog post that explored BSOS as something manageable, not something that holds us captive and helpless.

I’m not done.  I’m going to keep adding to the topic in a variety of formats until I can’t think of even one more little thing to say about it.

Why?  Because Solopreneurs almost always mention Bright Shiny Object Syndrome as one of the first or second ‘roadblocks’ to their increased success.

I almost missed the obviousness of this need.

It’s SO obvious, you know?  Sometimes we skip over the most common needs our people have because we assume it’s been covered before.  And maybe it has – but that shouldn’t stop you.

Ideas for great content are everywhere.  Creative plans that take every advantage, that requires effort and intention.  Are you ready to approach your content creation differently?  You only have to be willing to focus in and leverage what you’ve got.

Do Something With Your Ideas!

Ideas In Order is my answer to a question I’m asked so often. “Kelly, how do you manage all of your ideas, prioritze and get so much done?”

I’m going to show you exactly how I keep ideas for multiple business brands and projects moving forward without overwhelm.

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Managing My Business Ideas

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