I'm actively developing the 2022 Live Stretch Yourself Challenge Guide right now and there are six new Challenges I'm considering. I'd love to get your thumbs on on the projects that interest you most – and I've got a special coupon code for you to say thanks! (Save it for when registration opens on August 1!) – Kelly McCausey

The Challenges already in the guide are:

  • Challenge #1: Blog Your Expertise & Promote It Like Crazy
  • Challenge #2: Create A Collaborative Blog Post
  • Challenge #3: Tackle A Dedicated Affiliate Promotion
  • Challenge #4: Content Refresh
  • Challenge #5: Hold a Webinar To Grow Your List
  • Challenge #6: Host a Facebook Live Series
  • Challenge #7: Offer & Host A Group Coaching Intensive
  • Challenge #8: Create a Small & Mighty Gift Report
  • Challenge #9: Make an Intentional Connection
  • Challenge #10: Start A Facebook Group
  • Challenge #11: Gather & Publish Testimonials
  • Challenge #12: Host A Virtual Summit
  • Challenge #13: Choose A Live Event To Attend
  • Challenge #14: Volunteer/Apply To Speak
  • Challenge #15: Participate¬† in a Bundle Sale or Giveaway
  • Challenge #16: Create A Tripwire Offer
  • Challenge #17: Start A YouTube Channel
  • Challenge #18: Offer An Open Phones Day
  • Challenge #19: Publish A Kindle eBook

New Challenges I'm considering adding:

  • Volunteer to Help A Reporter Out – HARO offers an abundance of opportunities to share your expertise and get mentioned in articles published in a variety of publications.
  • Create a Quiz – Setting up a quiz on your website is a fun way to learn something about your people, grow your list or sell something super targeted.
  • Run a Five Day Challenge – Challenges motivate and engage your people. A 5 day is so do-able!
  • Run an AMA Campaign – I've had so much fun with Ask Me Anything Campaigns. They inspire engagement and create easy content for you.
  • Create a Listicle Blog Post – Choose a topic and gather links to content you respect to publish a one stop resource – be the connector!
  • Create a Content Upgrade – Turn your best blog content into an opportunity to grow you list with a relevant gift offered on the spot.

Check off the items you want to see added below and please do give me additional thoughts. Your input is valued!

Challenge Feedback for SYC 2022
I'm Interested In These New Challenges: (Check all that apply)

When you submit, I'll send you a copy of your input & your special coupon code for the 2022 Live Challenge :)

Thanks in advance!