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Love People + Make Money
Episode #10: Audrey Blackburn Isn't Falling For FOMO

I just loved talking with Audrey Blackburn!  We chatted about FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out and having a success mindset.

Audrey embraces something else: JOMO = Joy Of Missing Out. Being willing to stand down from opportunities that don't feel right for you and saying yes to more down time. You can read more about her JOMO choice on her blog.

Audrey has 20+ years of experience working with nonprofit and for profit accounting. She works with small business clients to help them become more profitable and helps nonprofits manage their funds successfully. She has a heart for advising women entrepreneurs in building their mindset around money and is leaning into creating resources and opportunities for that purpose.

Audrey said something so smart! “You can hire people to do just about anything, but you can't hire someone else to manage your mind.”


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