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Love People + Make Money
Episode #36: Belanie Dishong on Creation Statements

Belanie Dishong of is my guest this week. We recorded our conversation about Creation Statements as a spontaneous live session that I invited my community to join in on at the last minute during the holidays and how fun that we actually had a dozen awesome gals join us!

Belanie honored my request for a kickass discount but please note it is only available for 24 hours following our session so the special price mentioned may no longer be accessible. The Beyond Circumstances course is a huge value at any price, so DO go get your copy!

And if you’d like, get a copy of the Creation Statement Journal here.

#NSFW Language alert for explicit words ;)

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  1. Love this: “A creation statement is a well formed and understood process of intention”. So much value packed into this hour of information from Belanie and Kelly. I have lived my life not understanding why my goals don’t come to fruition. Received so many takeaways as to why using creation statements will change my results. Definitely going to work on some creation statements and discover what my limiting beliefs are.

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