Love People + Make Money
Love People + Make Money
Episode #18: Cindy Bidar Wants You To Build A Better System

Cindy is focused on helping us build better systems, more money with less effort.

After years as a Copywriter, then Virtual Assistant, and Online Business Manager, Cindy realized her skills and experience had brought her to a point where she could build more income by focusing on building her own business. In 2018, she opened doors to offer her own training materials and membership.

Why Do We Need Better Systems?

There’s so many ways to put a product or service up for sale and some are clearly better, smoother and more effective than others. With Cindy’s years of experience in helping other six and seven figure business owners set up and manage their funnels, she’s seen what works best and creates more profit.

With so many variables involved in setting up a business online, having someone like Cindy to turn to is invaluable.


About the Author

I'm all about Content Marketing here at Love People + Make Money. I love to coach and collaborate with other content creators, so never hold back from sharing your ideas with me! - Kelly McCausey

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  1. Oh man what a kick a** episode. I’ve loved watching (and being a part of) Cindy’s journey over the last several years. She’s always inspired me. And she’s rockin it. I really enjoyed when you two were talking about money, knowing numbers, etc. I’ll also be checking out the lifecoach podcast you gals referenced.

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