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Episode #39: Don't Ghost Your Freelancers

Here are my thoughts about dealing with the Freelancers in your business during this season of uncertainty.

If a freelancer has completed work for you. Pay them as soon as humanly possible. Your mortgage and car payments have made deferments possible. Freelancers can’t absorb delays as easily.

If you have committed to work with a freelancer that you can no longer support, communicate with them as fast as possible and be honest about the situation. Don’t let them tackle work that you won’t be able to pay for as expected.

If you have someone on retainer and need to release them, again, communicate sooner, not later. Give them as much notice as possible.

Have Honest Conversations!

If this situation extends far, people will likely be willing to negotiate rates to keep cash flowing. Ask what’s possible and see what you can create together.

Above all, don’t ghost your freelancers. Seriously. Be brave, communicate and be kind to everyone you deal with.

Small business owner, you’re not an asshole for tightening your business budget and taking care of your family! Everyone understands what everyone else is up against.

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  1. Excellent episode Kelly, as usual! And a plea that I hope everyone will take seriously. We’re all being affected by this pandemic right now that’s for sure.

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