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Episode #89: Emily Conley On Your Brand Voice

Emily Conley of Emily Writes Well is my guest on the podcast because she took extra time and showed up creatively in my inbox. That’s saying a lot these days when so many cookie cutter one sheets are showing up in the most unimpressive fashion.

Because Emily demonstrated beautiful ‘just for me’ topic ideas, I not only invited her to be a podcast guest, I asked if she’d be willing to act as a pop-up guest expert for my weekly mastermind calls. It felt like a big ask, but she said yes and my community is glad she did.

Having gotten to know Emily a bit more this way and having had the opportunity to observe her expertise in action, it makes me all the more enthusiastic about having her on the show – I look forward to you picking up some yummy copywriting nuggets from our conversation.

  • Story telling in sales copy.
  • WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)
  • Importance of Design
  • Just Tell Them VS What I Want To Tell You

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I'm all about Content Marketing here at Love People + Make Money. I love to coach and collaborate with other content creators, so never hold back from sharing your ideas with me! - Kelly McCausey

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  1. Oooooh this episode was full of some juicy conversation! I took 1/2 a page of notes – so much I can do to improve my sales pages (not that I have many of those at this moment lol) and using story in my copy. I loved having Emily pop in and speak during our mastermind session – she is so knowledgeable and willingly shared so many copywriting golden nuggets!

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