Episode #21: Karon Thackston Wants You To Rock Short Copy

April 9

Since 1999, Karon Thackston and the Marketing Words copywriting agency have been devoted to delivering high-value training that empowers online entrepreneurs to communicate, convince and convert leads into loyal customers. That means she’s going to celebrate 20 years in business this year.

Get to know Karon with me and learn more about Short Copy.

All too often, short copy is what propels funnels and other types of marketing forward. A social post pushes leads to a landing page. A subject line entices readers to open the email. If your short copy fails, the rest of your funnel could be doomed. Overcome the all-too-common mistakes most people make with short copy and boost the performance of your headlines, blog post titles, email subject lines, social posts, calls to action and more

Quick tips from today’s conversation:  

  1. Short Copy doesn’t work alone.
  2. It moves your readers forward.
  3. Start long and whittle it down for impact.

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Karon Thackston

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