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Episode #91: Kathleen Gage Wants Vegan Businesses to Be Visible

Kathleen Gage has a long business history that's earned her credibility in a variety of spaces and makes her a great choice for just about any business owner who wants to be seen by more people. So why did she tighten up her business focus and declare herself for Vegan businesses?

That's my curious question for her on today's episode and her answers are inspiring.

I appreciate Kathleen's focus on helping her clients develop a long term plan, making sure all of their projects work together to create impact.

Right now I know there are lot of entrepreneurs considering a change or tightening of focus for their business. I believe Kathleen's experience shows you what's possible.

Learn more about Kathleen at Vegan Visibility.

Mentioned Today!

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  1. I loved this interview Kelly. While I'm not vegan, I am very careful about how and what I put on my plate. Listening to you and Kathleen discuss her journey and her success with it was nothing short of super inspiring!

  2. "I would just prostitute myself out to anybody." That made me laugh out loud when Kathleen said that. Kidding aside, I loved this episode and how Kathleen took her expertise/experience and switched gears to a market that is aligned with her and her lifestyle. Kathleen has so much wisdom to offer and she threw quite a few gold nuggets!

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