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Episode #85: Let Go Of What Doesn't Serve You

I deleted my Instagram account back in early September and I don’t regret it one bit.

Deleting Instagram Use

For some Content Marketers, Instagram is the perfect fit and they love the experience. For me, Instagram felt off from the beginning.

I didn’t like not being able to easily post content from my computer for one thing and not being able to link my shares to a specific item of content on my website was a pain.

Over a period of a few years I tried to give Insta energy, getting support from pro-Insta people, going with the flow as best I could.  While a good social media VA built up my followers list, I didn’t experience results I could pinpoint as positive.

Ultimately, continuing to give Insta any attention felt like self betrayal. As a personal user, I didn’t feel drawn to Insta. As a marketer, I didn’t feel drawn to Insta.  The act of deletion felt powerful for me.

Just letting it go, cutting the invisible ties, set me free from feeling I had to give it attention.

Reshaping Facebook Use

Another social media shift for me this fall involved dropping all of my Facebook friends. Like 1600+ of them.

There’s a blend of reasons behind this big change. I wanted to tighten up my personal social media circles to focus on my closest friends, family and local community. Soon I’ll be a foster parent and I’m looking to build a strong local network. When I visit my Facebook personal news feed, I want to see local things and people.

There was a struggle in my heart about this. I’ve friends all over the world after all – but I decided Facebook doesn’t define these friendships as much as it wants to.  Dropping the Facebook connection doesn’t mean I drop the friendship. To emphasize this, I messaged many people personally to give them my phone number.

My newsfeed is indeed quite different. I continue to reshape it with every like and unlike, follow and unfollow. Do I miss all of the people I used to be friends with there?  Interesting question – that would suggest Facebook showed me their posts when we were connected as friends – which was of course not at all reliable.

What I have found is a return to being personally responsible for my connections. If I’m going to know what’s up in someone’s life, I have to reach out personally and ask. If I want others to know what’s happening for me, I have to reach out personally to tell them. So old fashioned – and so beautiful.

Social Media Is Always Changing

Social channels come and go. Algorithms shift and influence our attention.  Change is going to happen – that’s for sure. Don’t hesitate to be the agent of change in your social media life. When a social channel isn’t working for you or you’re not happy with the impact it has on you and your business – make choices based on what serves YOU.

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  1. Loved this episode about social media. I have had a big love/hate relationship with social media for several years – I can never figure out the algorithm on ANY of the social media channels – FB, IG, TikTok, etc,) so I've pretty much stopped trying. I remember when you deleted your Instagram account and every so often the idea of getting rid of mine too but something keeps me from doing it. For business purposes, it does seem like a waste of time because I've always hated the no link to a blog post, etc. I put links in some of my content but how many people actually take the time to copy and paste that to get to the piece of content? None. That's why I've struggled with people who ask how big your social media reach is (specifically IG) and they wouldn't collaborate with me because I was too little – I don't give rats a** about the # of followers you have, I want to know what other metrics those followers give you – are you making sales because of those followers, are you signing coaching clients, etc. Hmmm…maybe it's time, once again, to revisit the idea of deleting my IG LOL

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