Love People + Make Money
Love People + Make Money
Episode #59 Lynette Chandler (Get Past Your Sh*t Co-Author)

This episode is part of the Get Past Your Sh*t Book Project series featuring my brave and amazing co-authors.

Lynette Chandler is a self-taught programmer. She also has a not-so-secret talent for design.

After a stressful period in both her personal and business life, she had to re-think her business. Since then, Lynette has pivoted from software to planner and journal design. A move that brings her tremendous joy.

Lynette hails from Malaysia and now lives in North Carolina with her husband, and three teens. She invites you to pick up one of her beautiful free planner templates at Thrive Anywhere.

About the Author

I'm all about Content Marketing here at Love People + Make Money. I love to coach and collaborate with other content creators, so never hold back from sharing your ideas with me! - Kelly McCausey

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