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Love People + Make Money
Episode #42: Marisa Corcoran Helps You Create Your Couture Copy

Our guest this week is Marisa Corcoran, Harvard trained actor turned copywriter, turned copy mentor, Marisa is the creator of the popular Copy Chat. She works with coaches and creatives to help them craft their uncopyable message inside her 6-month mastermind, The Copy Confidence Society.

Kelly and Marisa have an in depth conversation on both the art of copywriting and the importance of copy in creating a sustainable business. “How do I not already know this person,” Kelly exclaims during her introduction, and promises by the end, you’ll be wondering that too.

During the interview Marisa shares;

  • What you need to know before you hire a copywriter
  • Why learning the skill of copywriting is a essential to your business
  • The reason you should forget templates and just be yourself
  • When you should using 4-letter words in your copy and when you shouldn’t
  • and even What she’s learned from Covid-19 that you should know
'If your message is not clear, cussing isn't going to fix it.' - Marisa CorcoranClick To Tweet

Sign up for Marisa’s Get Your Couture Copy access here.

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I'm all about Content Marketing here at Love People + Make Money. I love to coach and collaborate with other content creators, so never hold back from sharing your ideas with me! - Kelly McCausey

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  1. I loved this episode with Marisa so much! Copywriting is the one thing I seem to still, after all these years, struggle with. I’ve bought a few copywriting templates (many many moons ago) and they didn’t work for me. They definitely weren’t in my tone of voice or sound like me at all.

    I enjoyed the conversation around the swearing thing. And I love what Marisa said about if your copy isn’t clear, swearing and cussing isn’t going to fix it! I’m not bashing cussing – sometimes I can cuss like a sailor – but I’ve seen a few different people who have tried to add the F word into in their messages because “this is me and I’m going to be authentic” but the funny thing was – it never once sounded authentic or real to me… maybe because I had been following them for quite awhile and not once had they ever used the F word before. It didn’t surprise me when they stopped using that word (and swearing in general) in their messages.

    Don’t half butt cheek it – LOL loved that phrase too.

    Thanks for this interview – it gave me the opportunity to “meet” Marisa. Already signed up for her offer and so glad she made it available to us!

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