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Episode #90: Overcome Procrastination With Creativity

Procrastination usually shows up in my business when there's something I'm dreading… like bookkeeping or taxes ;)

But every now and then I do find myself caught up in delaying tactics simply because I'm overwhelmed by life.  That's the case this week and with an important sales page deadline looming large, I had to shake it off.

In this episode I'll share how to kick procrastination with a dose of playful creativity.

My example: a few of the doodle images I worked on…

The sales page I got started on is for the Stretch Yourself Challenge. (Running LIVE throughout September 2022.)

The coupon mentioned at the end is LISTEN50. Use it to cut your SYC registration fee in half!

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I'm all about Content Marketing & Community Building here at Love People + Make Money. I love to collaborate, so never hold back from sharing your ideas with me! - Kelly McCausey

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  1. I just listened to Episode #90 Overcome Procrastination with Creativity and it has totally changed my persceptive on how I view the time I spend pursuing my doodle art. Kelly, you have freed me of the guilt I always felt while drawing and now I plan to get busy to creating more doodles to use for my business. I'm SO excited! Thank you!

  2. "I am creative because I say so; not because someone else says. 'oh that's beautiful'."

    I need to hear this so much right now. As someone who constantly seeks external validation, I've been trying to learn how to be ok validating my own efforts, feeling proud of what I've done simply because I did it not because someone else says it's good.

    I'm a chronic procrastinator and often it's because of the fear of my work not being 'good enough' by someone else's standards. It's time to change that and do work I feel good about, give it my best, and just 'be willing to be seen'. Cos you know what, the worst kind of work I could possibly produce is the one no one sees.

    Here's to being #TeamFinisher!

    1. I love that last thought Emjae – so good!

      Yeah, procrastination is a great way to avoid being seen – I can relate! Thank you for sharing your takeaways, they will help others!

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