Love People + Make Money
Love People + Make Money
Episode #44: Pet Peeves Point To Possibilities

Your Pet Peeves point to your values. If something really bugs you, it's because it's trampling on something that matters to you.  That is fodder for meaningful content and that's what I'm talking about on today's podcast.

Marketing Pet Peeves Mentioned:

  1. Long sales pages with elusive prices.
  2. Videos without controls.
  3. Human versions of the above.
  4. Lack of optin gift follow up.
  5. Difficult to access customer service.
  6. Careless typos.
  7. Fake vulnerability.
  8. Non-stop upsells.
  9. No follow up on conversations.
  10. Lack of course nurture.

What are some of your pet peeves in your business or industry? I bet there's compelling content in there!


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