Episode #78: Take My Roll The Die Content Dare

May 12

I’m a Content Marketer and most people reading this or listening to the podcast also identify as Content Marketers so I know you’ll be familiar with the decision fatigue/brain fog you can get into when trying to decide what your next content creation project is going to be.

Should you be creating something new or repurposing something you already have?  Should you write, record or shoot a video?

Do you need some more free content out there or should you be working on a new optin gift?  Actually, are you better off getting to work on your next paid product?

“Ahhh… just choose already!” your thoughts shout – but the pressure isn’t helping LOL!

Can you actually know what the right next move is? Of course you can – but do you HAVE TO know what perfect move is to take action?  Heck no.

I am so convinced that a Content Marketer just needs to get moving that I designed this Content Dare to give you the nudge you need to create SOMETHING.

I used this in my mastermind group at the end of April and almost my entire client group accepted the dare, let me roll the die and now they’re actively engaged in creating their next item of content.

Action is better than inaction. Publishing is better than not publishing. We can always improve and fine tune if we’re in motion.

So Roll the Die and take my dare!

Roll three times, let the image here interpret the results and get to work ❤

If you don’t have a die laying around, use this virtual option.

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