I am enamored with this Ted Talk from Amy Cuddy:

It’s 22 minutes long but worth every minute, so carve out a bit of quiet and take it all in.

As a podcaster and coach who spends a lot of time on the phone, I keep a mirror at my desk so that I can monitor my expression.  I know that I sound friendlier and more engaged when I smile – even though no one can see it.  That’s because they can hear it in my voice.

Now, I’m going to be watching for other physical cues.  Am I sitting ‘tight’ and projecting weakness that will show up in my work projects?  Or am I sitting wide and loose, bringing my best to every interaction and task?

Watch the video and leave me a comment!

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  1. P.S. If you’re interested in more content like this, go to your iTunes and subscribe to the ‘TEDTalks Business’ video podcast. Chock full of amazing stuff :)

  2. A thought that came through my mind while watching is that exercise makes me open up and stretch and then I feel better. It’s probably changing my cortisol.

    Also – when I do a voiceover for a video I like to stand like I’m addressing a class. It enables me to move my feet, torso and arms. I feel like it makes a better voiceover than if I sit hunched over a microphone. It makes sense with what Amy says in the video.

  3. Great talk-I love the TED talks. I have realized that I know who I am in my office while sitting with clients. I know that what I offer to them holds amazing possibilities for them. I’m still trying to get that confidence as I take what I do to the internet. I will be practicing the “power pose” while I’m defining who I am and what I offer on the internet. Thanks.

  4. Interesting talk. When I’m out with clients or networking events I always pay attention to how I present and hold myself. I will continue to pay attention to my ‘power pose’ and find other ways to improve myself.

    Thanks for putting this here.

  5. That was SUCH a great reminder! In my past life in direct sales, I heard “fake it till you make it” so many times, but always thought of it as insincere, like the stereotypical car salesman. This made it all make more sense, and I needed the boost so much this week!

    1. This is one of those things we need lots of reminders about until it becomes our nature – I’ve been thinking about it constantly since posting this :) Love all of the feedback!

  6. I really like the talk.. very interesting! It reminds me to become aware of my body language whether or not am I projecting good mood or radiant aura to other people. Thanks anyway for posting this video and for sharing it.. Thanks for the awareness. really helpful!

  7. Her personal story IS inspiring! I ‘assigned’ watching this video to my Content Mastermind peeps because I see that many need to here the message :)

  8. I wanted to share that this week I was twenty minutes late to a mentor program at church…a program that was being gifted to me…so I felt awful and guilty as I walked in to sit at the table with the other 8 women. I noticed I was sitting arms crossed, slouched, head down for the next twenty minutes and then I remembered the video that I had just listened to as I got ready that very morning, I choose to straighten up and change how I was sitting. It really did change in just a matter of minutes on how I was feeling. It really helped and you know I know I will be passing this information on to my clients.

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