If you've been around awhile, and were even a little bit techie, you may remember the big stereo assembles. You had your turntable and your speakers, and maybe a tape deck, and a cd player and everything plugged into an amp and a preamp and maybe an equalizer … okay, maybe I'm dating myself . . . the point is, you could hook up a really spectacular sound system that had highs and low that would blow your socks off.

But eventually, as technology evolved, you could just buy a system that was already, all put together from one manufacturer, and all you had to do was plug it in and put the yellow wire in the yellow hole and the red wire in the red hole and boom, you were done. Bring on the music.

In other words All-in-One Solutions have been around for awhile now, from the early days of stereos, and televisions, to printers and computer systems. So, it was really no big surprise that it soon became a part of the online marketing world too. But, is it the best solution?

Cindy Bidar says:

“Let’s be honest. An online business requires a lot of moving parts, and it can get overwhelming fast.

That’s why systems such as Kartra and Kajabi and ClickFunnels exist. They claim to make your life so much easier by housing everything under one roof.

But do they really? “

If you've ever wondered whether it was better to use an all-in-one solution, or pick the best individual solutions to form the ideal tech system for running your business, this article is a must read. Check it out here:  TECH STACK SHOWDOWN: All in One Solutions vs. A la Carte



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