If you've ever woken up in a funk and not wanted to stay there, there's a way I've found that never fails to lift me up out of it.  I grab my iPad, click on YouTube and search for an inspiring Ted Talk.

Shawn Achor's ‘The Happy Secret To Better Work‘ is a favorite and I watched it again this morning.  I love his focus!

I did something different today. Instead of just watching on YouTube and moving on, I searched for his website and opted into his list.  I am figuring if his Ted Talk has a great impact on my attitude, chances are quite good that he'll have positive things to share on a regular basis.

Nothing is more valuable to my business than my mindset.

Do you agree?  What steps do you take to care for and improve your mindset?

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  1. Wow that was incredible! Aside from making me laugh…he inspired me and made me think. I’ve been a fan of positive psychology for a long time. His succinct explanation and wonderful delivery of his message made it clear what it’s all about. Thank you for sharing it Kelly.

  2. Oh, certainly. Mindset is Everything!
    I’ve used the 5-second rule to get me out of bed, to stop negative thoughts, and even motivational videos.

    Recently, I started slacking on exercise. I read a study that said people who listen to audiobooks enjoy exercise more and exercise for longer.

    So, I started listening to motivational speeches during my workouts and it works. It seems like the time goes by faster. Plus, it puts me in the right frame of mind.

    p.s. you might try listening to Fearless Motivation. You can stream them on Spotify or watch on Youtube.

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