Plug Into A Full Year Of
Private Access Coaching

Would you like to tap into 17 years of online business experience and an intense level of willingness to share opinions and support you in stretching into your highest possibilities? I’m your gal!

Consider taking advantage of this offer of a full year of Voxer Coaching.

Every business day you can Voxer or Email me for quick contact on ANYTHING you’ve got on your mind.  I’ll reply the same day or the next morning if the question comes in late.

That’s 250+ days a year you can seek out my support and ask anything :)

  • How does this headline read to you?
  • Do you think _____ would be a good partner?
  • Have you tried ______ out yet? What do you think of it?
  • Would you read this email through before I send it?
  • I’ve got a client asking for ___, how can I gently say no?
  • I need an idea for a back end offer, what would you suggest?
  • I’m torn between Sushi and Burgers for dinner, what would you do?  (It’s ALWAYS SUSHI Dahling!)

We will begin with one Skype/Zoom/Phone call to get the ball rolling, I find that really helpful.  You’ll be invited to book that session as soon as you complete your enrollment.

One Year Of Access Is Only $2997

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. You’re really only $2997/year? Aren’t good Business Coaches supposed to cost a lot more?

A. After considering all the angles, I’ve decided not to buy into the ‘it’s gotta cost a lot or they won’t get a lot’ story line that floats around the coaching industry. I’m secure in my expertise and clear about who I want to be of service to.

Q. Does one business daily question mean one reply or is there a bit of back and forth?

A. Sometime I need some back and forth to gain clarity – so for that purpose, yes, as needed we’ll exchange a few messages to cover one topic.

Q. Am I getting a reply from you?

A.  Yes.  Always.  Your questions are not being screened by my VA or anyone else.  It’s private between you and I.

* Voxer is a SmartPhone app that acts like a walkie talkie – one of my fave ways to stay in touch!