Here on the Solo Smarts blog I'm looking to publish content that specifically serves the solopreneur business owner.  I love how popular guest blogging is these days and of course I want to attract fabulous guest bloggers here, so here's what I wish for:

Posts from fellow Solopreneurs.

Do are run a business on your own, no employees?  You're a solopreneur!  I love to receive guest posts from the solopreneur's perspective.  What's it like for you when you're trying to wear all of the hats in your business?  Do you ever wish that you could have an employee or two working with you in your office/home office?

Posts about wearing too many hats.

Just because we're solopreneurs doesn't mean we have to do it all all the time.  Outsourcing is a skill for every solo business owner to develop if they want to keep their sanity.

Posts about mistakes you've made.

We've all made mistakes at one time or another and the lessons learned are priceless.  My readers would love to learn from some of your mistakes and hopefully prevent making it their own down the road.

Posts about surprising successes.

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by profit in an area you weren't especially looking for it from?  It's definitely happened for me over the years.  It's so great to spot new streams of income and work to duplicate it over and over and then teach it to others.

Posts about favorite things.

What have you fallen in love with this year?  What are you using to manage your business, to save time or improve results?  Come on, spill the beans!

Posts about cool people. 

I love to hear about people who inspire and motivate so if you know someone we should know – please do profile them for us. They'll enjoy the buzz and we'll get to know someone new.

Ok, have I sparked an idea for a guest post that you'd like to write?  I'd love to hear about it :)  Complete this quickie form and let's get you scheduled!

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