Worry Hits Pause On Purpose

September 19

A question asked on the Mastermind Hub forum recently inspired this video for me.

Worry is what human’s do and sometimes it serves us well, keeping us mindful of what’s important, sparking action and solving problems.

On the other hand, constant worry does not serve us well at all. It keeps us wrapped up in fear, focused on the worst that could happen.

Indulging in worry too often and too long is a good way to hit the pause button on fulfilling your purpose in life.

Like when you have a big goal and you’ve got a task list that’s going to get you there – but you slip into worry about something that might or might not happen in the future. While you’re worried, you’re not taking action.  Worry hit pause on your project’s purpose.

If you can relate – watch my video!

I’d love your thoughts on this. If you have experience and advice to share with those who worry a lot, leave them in the comments below.



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