Young Entrepreneurs Who Inspire

August 11

Macey Irene is my niece and she’s working with me to learn the ropes of an online content marketing business.  Today she’s blogging about young entrepreneurs she’s been inspired  by. – Kelly

I wanted to do research on young entrepreneurs because I’ve always wanted to be one.

It amazes me how so many people are able to become entrepreneurs at such young ages. Whether it be by creating their own inventions or providing entertainment to people, that’s really neat. I would love to make my own business someday so I’ve studied other young people to see how they have succeeded.

Meet These Young Entrepreneurs

Jelani Jones started “Lani Boo Bath” when she was nine years old because she loved bath products. Jelani went to multiple different markets and tried as many products she could find. One of the vendors became her mentor and Jelani had turned her hobby into a business.

Ten year old Hannah Grace started her own bath bomb business called “BeYOUtiful” after he father challenged her to create her own products inspired by her favorite beauty products. Twenty percent of all proceeds made from every purchase goes to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, as Hannah was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as an infant.

When Maddie Rae was twelve years old, she started her own business called, “Maddie Rae’s Slime Glue,” where she combined her love of making slime and difficulty of finding glue in stores. Maddie has expanded her online store to not only feature slime, but slime accessories and slime glue.

Siblings Brandon and Sebastian Martinez started their business called, “Are You Kidding,” where they make crazy, funky socks, while also helping the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund and Autism Speaks. They have partnered with schools across the U.S. to provide socks for school fundraisers.

Sofi Overton created her product called “Wise Pocket” when she was thirteen. Wise Pocket is leggings and socks with pocket’s. She was inspired to make her creation when she saw her cousin put her cell phone in her boot because her leggings didn’t have pockets.

When Maya Penn was just eight years old, she founded her company, “Maya’s Ideas.” The company sells environmental fashion accessories. Maya is the activist behind “Maya’s Ideas 4 the Planet,” where ten percent of the profits go to various charities and environmental organizations.

What Do I Want To Do?

Macey Meets Lizzie in October 2018

I don’t have any ideas for a product or invention like these kids. I would like to work from home. I plan to go to college to study business to build a foundation for whatever I want to do in the future.

Maybe I’ll be a motivational speaker like Lizzie Velasquez. I got to see her speak once and was really inspired. I like how she shares her opinions and stands up for people.

When I was younger, I thought I’d start out on YouTube, so I made a channel. I created my first video with my best friend. We asked questions about each other, and for each question we got wrong, we drank a spoonful of hot sauce. I continued to upload videos to my channel for about a month, and then stopped because I got bored. Then about a year later, I deleted all of them because I was embarrassed.

I have recently wanted to start up my YouTube channel again and have a couple scripts in the works. I plan to actually go through with uploading consistently, work hard to be proud of what I publish, and hopefully never delete them no matter what feedback I get, positive or negative – just like Lizzie.

One of the ways I’m going to explore my options is by working with my Aunt Kelly here at LP+MM and participating in the Mom Webs Hosting Upcoming Creators Program. I look forward to learning more about blogging, social media and all of the different ways someone can earn an income doing what they love.

Macey Irene is seventeen, has two brothers, two sisters, two dogs and a passion for American Sign Language. Currently headed into her Junior Year, she plans to dual enroll in a local community college in the next year and pursue a business degree.


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